This unique laminate is eco-sustainable surface that replaces the wood veneer while maintaining its visual and tactile characteristics. Composed of a vegetable parchment on which the typical veins and colors of the wood are imprinted, this surface is the ecological alternative to wood products found in nature.


Prestigious and easy to clean and resistant to light, this board has a special treatment that makes the surface repellent to liquids and resistant to color changes, thanks to its very high performances against UV rays. MDF Substrate.


Visual and tactile design equal to real wood

Resistant to light and stains

Low VOCs emissions

Colours Available

KS0002 Country Oak – 2800 x 1220 x 18

KS028 Royal Oak – 2800 x 1220 x 18

KS004 Sentinel Oak – 2800 x 1220 x 18