The Acrylux board is made up by bonding a 0.8mm thick sheet of Acrylux onto a double faced white melamine board with MDF substrate. Finished thickness is 19mm. The colour of the finished board is determined by the colour of the Acrylux. The colour range includes plain colours as well as metallics. The back of the board will always be white unless double phase is requested.

Colour Matching

There is no colour change from batch to batch which means that a door, damaged 6 months after installation, can be changed and will match the existing.

Scratch Resistance

While practically all gloss surfaces can scratch, with Acrylux, light scratches can be buffed out by using Rally (acrylic enriched) car polish.


Acrylux offers a near 100% reflection very similar to that of glass.

Board Sizes

ACRYLUX РAll Colours -2800 x 1250 x19mm


Colours Available

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