Niemann SA is proud to introduce our Lazer Prime Board into the market.

Scratch resistance, flexibility to reduce ageing, very high clarity of gloss, large format production, MDF substrate all contribute to make Lazer Prime Board a very attractive option for all your internal cabinetry furniture requirements.


The Lazer Prime Board offers a highly scratch resistant gloss surface with added elasticity to reduce the process of ageing which can lead to increased reflection distortion. The substrate is MDF for added stability and also assisting in reduced ageing. All the boards come with a matching colour melamine on the back.

Colour Matching

These boards are colour fast, which means that the colour variations from batch to batch is minimized, outside of natural aging, making it easier to replace a damaged component on installation.


Whilst every effort is made to have a 100% edging/board match, sometimes this is not always possible. This can be due to various reasons of which some are: the two products being of different materials as well age at l as product that is available. Please see our matches as per our official samples. In conjunction with natural ageing, that different materials age at different rates and in different ways. This may result in different shades between board and edging emerging as the products age.


Once the protective film has been removed, surfaces are to be polished with an acrylic enriched polish. Thereafter, where necessary, marks can be removed with a damp microfibre cloth or a very weak solution of soapy water (no other chemicals to be used). SeeĀ Handling Tips

Scratch Resistance

The degree of scratch resistance is that you can lightly rub the surface with steel wool and it wont scratch. Approximately 75% against that of Polygloss.


By being able to offer high gloss in such a large format board, wastage is reduced and as a result the Lazer Prime board becomes very economically viable.


While this product has a very high degree of reflection a tolerance of 1mm per m2 has allowed to accommodate imperfections.

Board Sizes

Lazer Prime Board- 2800 x 2100 x 19mm

Colours Available

U12188 Light Grey Gloss

U10227 Icy White Gloss

U12290 Basalt Gloss

U12168 Sahara Gloss

U12233 Dunkelgrau Gloss

U11191 Graubraun Gloss

U12000 Black Gloss

U11026 Warm White Gloss

Colours Available

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