This range comprises of a range of melamine faced boards offering a textile feel as well as appearance.

Synchronised Embossed

This unique range has synchronised the texture on the board with the print of the woodgrain. What this means is that if you run your fingers along the profile of the woodgrain you would feel the corresponding texture, giving you that near perfect woodgrain feel.


Both the ranges come in large board format, offering better board optimisation and in turn better value for money. Only pure melamine resins have been used in these range of board manufacture resulting in the best quality products.

Colour Matching

These boards are colour fast, which means colour variations is minimized from batch to batch, outside of natural aging, making it easier to replace a component on installation.


Whilst every effort is made to have a 100% edging/board match, sometimes this is not always possible. This can be due to various reasons of which some are: the two products being of different materials as well age at l as product that is available. Please see our matches as per our official samples. In conjunction with natural ageing, that different materials age at different rates and in different ways. This may result in different shades between board and edging emerging as the products age.


These boards are to be cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth or a very weak solution of soapy water (no other chemicals to be used). See Handling Tips

Board Sizes

2800 x 2070 x 19mm


S028 Lounge Brown

S013 Yosemite

S027 French Gray

S010 Yosemite

FA42 Comfort Smart

FA48 Mystery Penelope

FA47 Urban Grey

FA41 Delave Penelope

FA60 Canella Grafis

KS0002 Country Oak

KS028 Royal Oak

KS004 Sentinal Oak

S021 Clay

FA92 Falena Spigato

SO20 Gentle Sky

FA82 Nadis Pied De

SO24 Piombo

SO14 Yosemite