Niemann SA guarantee

Niemann SA will guarantee its laminated board under the following conditions:

We will guarantee the board against the de-lamination of the edging as well as the laminate, under normal conditions, provided that Niemann SA has done the cut and edge.

This guarantee is in place for the lifespan of the board, which is on average between 13 to 16 years.

Thereafter chipboard or MDF does have a tendency to start decomposing by swelling.

Normal conditions relate to any excessive water, sunlight or any other condition not normally found in an interior application.

Normal Conditions regarding light relate to direct sunlight for approximately two hours a day coming through a window of 2,5m2 per 30m2 of room.

High humidity as well as excessive temperature fluctuations are outside of normal conditions and can have a detrimental effect on adhesives.

All the above can significantly lead to the reduced lifespan of the board.

To this end, should any remedial work need to be carried out in the implementing of this commitment, Niemann SA, at its discretion, will decide the method and the location of any such remedial works.

Certificate of Authenticity

In January 2015 Niemann SA launched our Certificate of Authenticity to protect our premium customers from cheap imitations. In order to protect the Niemann Moebelteile worldwide stamp of quality, Niemann SA has introduced the issuing of a Certificate of Authenticity for all cut & edge products completed by Niemann SA. These components will then carry our exclusive guarantee, giving our valued customers the peace of mind that they got what they paid for. Our certificates are embossed to prevent copying and all certificates issued are kept on register.


A batch problem was identified by our German Factory of yellowing Polygloss Icy White from June 2011 to November 2012. The yellowing started after six months after installation, whilst this problem was intermittent it was not necessary to do a blanket recall. Outside of our standard guarantee that we offer, there is an international material guarantee of five years which we have honored with replacing these components. The guarantee has now expired and as a result we will no longer be replacing any components that falls into this category.