Niemann SA guarantee

Niemann SA will guarantee its gloss laminated board under the following conditions:

  • We will guarantee the board against the de-lamination of the edging as well as the laminate, under normal conditions, provided that Niemann SA has done the cut and edge.
  • This guarantee is in place for the lifespan of the board, which is on average between 13 to 16 years.
  • Thereafter chipboard or MDF does have a tendancy to start decomposing by swelling.
  • Normal conditions relate to any excessive water, sunlight or any other condition not normally found in an interior application.

Certificate of Authenticity

In January 2015 Niemann SA launcheded our Certificate of Authenticity to protect our premium customers from cheap imitations. In order to protect the Niemann Moebelteile worldwide stamp of quality, Niemann SA has introduced the issuing of a Certificate of Authenticity for all cut & edge products completed by Niemann SA. These components will then carry our exclusive guarantee, giving our valued customers the peace of mind that they got what they paid for. Our certificates are embossed to prevent copying and all certificates issued are kept on register.