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Discontinued Colours - Friday, December 05, 2014

Dear Niemann SA Customer,

We would like to inform you of the colours that will be discontinuing by end of this year, we still have stock in most of the colours, but we will not be getting in new stock. Please check stock levels before committing on new projects/customers.

For future reference, please have a look on our website under PRODUCTS tab for COLOURS HELD IN SA or check with the office regarding stock levels.


Niemann SA Team

Product & Date discontinued

JUNE 2012

Polygloss W400 White

Polymatt  W400 White  


Acrylux 1903Z Grey

Acrylux 0354Z Violet 

Polygloss R5339 Busche

Polygloss F30/003 Ruster

Polygloss R5609 Teak

Polygloss F496 Forest

Polygloss F598 Kupfer

Polymatt F30/003 Ruster

Textured U1027 FM Icy White


Acrylux 0527Z Green S/F   

Acrylux 0125Z Orange S/F

Polygloss R5607 Silver Plum

Polygloss U3734 Walnut

Polygloss R5604 Plum

Polygloss U795 Fango

Polygloss H680 Cocobolo

Polygloss F495 Oxygen

Polygloss U1980 Dark Brown

Polymatt H3734 Walnut

Polymatt R5604 Plum

Polymatt U1980 Dark Brown

Polymatt U795 Fango

Polymatt H680 Cocobolo

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